Glamour Modeling Guide

Glamour Modeling
North West Model Agency believes glamour modeling is on the rise. The popularity in magazine and coffee shop culture coupled with the rise of the internet has seen an explosion in the last few years of glamour modeling publications.

Glamour model publications appeal to both men and women and are usually associated with current celebrity fashion, gossip and products (from gadgets to shoes).

What is Glamour Modeling?
North West Model Agency considers glamour modeling to be just as important as any other modeling discipline. It is hard to define in any one sense which in some ways makes it harder to compare. Because of its lack of strict definition the competition for glamour modeling is just as intense as any other modeling role.

Glamour modeling concentrates on the model herself, rather than the clothes or products she is wearing. The advantage glamour modeling has over other forms is the lack of height, age, or weight restrictions. This makes it an ideal career for girls who do not fit the “sample” size required by fashion houses.

Success in glamour modeling is not always about looking the best or having the best body. Many other factors such as agency activity and personality count a lot.

Remember that glamour modeling can include just about anything. It is NOT just lingerie and certainly does not need to include nudity. Some of the defining glamour photos out there are because the model is NOT revealing anything.

Technology in Glamour Modeling
With the onset of digital photography it is possible to get very high definition (commonly called Ultra High Quality or UHQ) glamour photos almost instantly.

Because North West Model Agency use the most up to date technology UHQ glamour photos turn around can be very quick. Combine this with North West Model Agency’s state of the art graphic studio, images can be blended, altered and emailed for a printed or online publication in minutes.

North West Model Agency’s studio can also deal with new media and the internet. This is the fastest growing area of glamour modeling, and one which many ‘old school’ models and photographers do not understand. North West Model Agency can guide you through the advantages of having an online portfolio and how to promote your image. It’s to our advantage that we make our models as well known as possible!

Pitfalls of Glamour Modeling
Make sure your modeling agency and photographer are reputable. North West Model Agency vets it’s photographers before using them and will insist upon a client brief (so you know what you will be doing) before shoots and a chaperone during shoots.

Also be aware that many modeling agencies will charge you to make a portfolio on the pretence of work, though they never have any intention of giving you any assignments.

North West Model Agency will not charge you for a glamour portfolio. They may refer you on to a preferred professional photographer if you wish to have glamour photography added.

Glamour modeling competition is intense and North West Model Agency knows it is not always easy. We will assign you to the most suitable role and will always make sure you are comfortable with the assignment before you undertake it.

We ask all our models to fill out a North West Model Agency Feedback form when they have completed an assignment, so we constantly monitor our clients and models expectations.

As with all modeling glamour modeling is not easy. North West Model Agency advises all want to be glamour models to really think about the lifestyle it involves. Travel is inevitable though sometimes great fun. Although the ideal place for an assignment is a warm studio or a sunny beach it is always worth remembering that some of the best shots out there were taken on a cold day with bad weather looming.

Future of Glamour Modeling
North West Model Agency believes the future of glamour modeling lies very much in cyber space.

Glamour modeling is changing, make no mistake it has to if it is to survive. Glamour modeling has languished in the prehistoric age for far too long. This can be partially attributed to the industry being formed on the old print press method of publication (calendars, magazines, tabloids). It is no secret that print is in decline and many modeling agencies are missing out on the new media and an increase in broadband access.

North West Model Agency is highly experienced in online promotion and the use of photographic material on the internet.

North West Model Agency’s one stop shop approach to glamour modeling is a fantastic starting point for potential and experienced glamour models alike.

If you’re fun loving, outgoing, and cannot do (or simply not interested) in other forms of modeling it is possible make a career from Glamour Modeling.

North West Model Agency’s approach is honest and open, but remember that you’ll need to have a thick skin to survive in glamour modeling.

If you are interested in glamour modeling or glamour modeling photography and you want to experience the future of glamour modeling then visit North West Model Agency’s website at

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